Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Looks to the Past in New Trailer

In an attempt to pull at your heartstrings, publisher Square Enix has brought out a “retro-spective” trailer, spelled like that, to recap the story of Final Fantasy XIII. Since Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is almost upon us and that’s the third game to come from the thirteenth game, some cliff notes are appreciated.

Are you confused yet? Good, because there’s lots more of that to come.

In Square’s defense, they do try to make it look amazing, by going back to their pixel art style of 16-bit graphics. So, prepare yourself for small and cuddly characters, blue text boxes and turn-based combat with the active character popping forward. It’s quite nostalgic.

In the first Final fantasy XIII, bad people want to destroy Cocoon, which is a floating continent in the sky, hovering over the mainland. After the mandatory nod to how many hallways there are in this game, the party eventually meets up with an evil Primarch.

During their first meet, the antagonist turns into a moth-like beast and banishes everyone. It’s only after a second encounter with an even more grotesque form that the party can defeat Primarch, but Cocoon still drops.

To prevent this from happening, two members sacrifice themselves to freeze the continent in the sky into place. This leads us to the events in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

For the sequel, things devolve into more nonsense pretty damn quick. One of the main elements in FFXIII-2 is time travel with Serah and pals. To prevent his love from suffering, Caius wants to create time paradoxes, so that Cocoon can fall once more.

Lightning, having gone through time and become the Guardian of Souls, sends back help to the past to prevent this. After even more time manipulation, the party eventually meets up with Caius.

Things turn pretty dire from there, as Caius transforms into Triple Bahamut. On the other hand, the party brings a Cactuar over with them, so everyone has their thing going. As is the norm, the good guys win and Cocoon is safe once more.

Now, 500 years later, we turn to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Here, once more, the titular character will only have a limited amount of time to save the world.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14, 2014 in Europe.