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FPS Warriors 2 Bundle Brings Eight Games for 50 Cents Each on BundleStars

Did you read that title? BundleStars is really selling first person shooter games for 50 cents. The FPS Warriors 2 Bundle, as they have named it, brings you eight Steam games that will save you around $80 if compared with the normal prices.

FPS Warriors 2 Bundle has been priced at a meager $3.98 and brings you Nuclear Dawn, Hard Reset Extended Edition, Painkiller Overdose, Painkiller: Black Edition, AirBuccaneers, Zeno Clash 2, Zeno Clash, and Chaser. Each of the games is available for PC via Steam.

The offer started a couple of days ago and will go on for a whole month. Right now the counter reads 27 days 18 hours and 25 minutes left until the bundle ends.

If the 80 bucks of cash saving didn’t do the trick for you already, do not worry, you have plenty of time to think over it. Other than this, Bundle Stars if offering the Brutal Bundle and The Kingdoms Bundle too.

The Brutal Bundle has been priced at $5.03 and brings you 10 games that would otherwise cost over $180! On the other hand the Kingdoms Bundle has 6 games with the likes of Magicka and Europa Universalis 3 Complete – the bundle will set you back by a mere $4.98.

Who’s up for some saving?