Dota 2 – New Bloom Patch Brings 2 New Heroes, New Mode, Balancing and More!

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Valve and IceFrog have delivered this Chinese themed Bloom patch for the whole world to enjoy.

The first announced feature was The Coming of the Year Beast, which appears to be a special theme mode in which players will appear to use fireworks to fight against the Beast. Players can earn themselves a big array of items, including an amazingly awesome Redhoof courier, a horse courier to celebrate the new year of the Horse.

Next up is one of the new heroes, Terrorblade. He was one of the last classical dota 1 heroes left to be ported and his new visuals are nothing short of amazing.

Terrorblade is an agility carry hero that has 2 illusion based skills, a transformation skill that turns him into a ranged powerhouse right clicker and in case he goes HP, he can use his ultimate Sunder to directly swap his HP with another enemy!

Also like with Legion Commander’s release, Terrorblade will also have a new stunning Arcana rarity item available to buy in the shop, The Fractal Shard of the Inner Abysm. This item will change the hero’s skin, alter his voice, bring several new animations and even bring custom death effects for all of Terrorblade’s victims.

The other new hero is Phoenix, a really fun to play hero back in the dota 1 days. Phoenix is a really unique hero that has an escape/initiation with his Icarus Dive, an AoE DoT spell, a really fun lazer skill called Sun Ray and his ultimate allows the hero to reborn and heals him back to full hp if the enemies fail to destroy the Supernova and while doing a ton of damage.

A new mode is coming with the patch, the Random Ability Draft. In this refreshing new mode, each player will be assigned with a random hero and then they will take turns in selecting which abilities their hero will get. The prospect of seeing a non invisible Riki with a Meat Hook or a Blinking Sniper is surely going to be really interesting and fun!

Finally, the latest announced change is the new 6.80 balance version which may finally bring a stop to all those Earth Spirit abusers. Broodmother’s annoyance factor was previously too high and even though this hero wasn’t in Captain’s Mode, she also got a very well deserved nerf.

Alchemist finally got a nerf to his Unstable Concoction, especially at night where it will be a lot harder for him to stun targets. The current top supports such as Crystal Maiden, Venomancer and Visage as well as the cheesy item Necronomicon got a few minor well deserved nerfs as well.

A few underused heroes such as Meepo, Void and Ogre Magi got some interesting buffs while Sniper got another range buff… will he stop getting these range buffs when he can shoot enemies from 3 screens away? It would certainly be amusing though.

In case you want a professional and really in-depth patch analysis with every single change explained and talked about with a bit of humor, you should check the one with famous caster Luminous, joined by Draskyl and Bruno for 3 hours! Here is part1 and here is part 2.

What do you think about this patch in general? Let us know in the comments below