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Crimson Dragon Adds Multiplayer into the Mix with New Update

Crimson Dragon was one of the launch titles for the Xbox One. It released alongside the console on 22nd of November. The game has done rather well for itself. The director of the game Yukio Futatsugi stated back in November that, he will keep improving the game even after its launch.

Looks like he is going to keep his promise as the developers of the game have added new challenges in the game in terms of ‘Multiplayer’ via content update, this would be huge turn around for the game which was single player only at its launch.

This new 4GB content update is free for everyone. When you start the game next time, you will be prompted to start the update. This update will not only be bringing you the multiplayer of the game but it will also introduce a new difficulty level ‘Insane’ to test your in-game skills.

If you haven’t played Crimson Dragon before, it is a rail shooter video game exclusive to the Xbox One. Players of the famous series Panzer Dragoon will feel right at home because Crimson Dragoon is considered to be a spiritual successor to the series as it offers similar gameplay.

So, if you own an Xbox One console and missed out on this one, now is your chance to buy the game as its on sale for one week, till 4th of February. The game is available digitally on Xbox Live and you can buy the game on the Xbox Store.

Is addition of Multiplayer in the game pique your interest? Sound off in the comments below!