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Build with Chrome Lets you Play with LEGO in your Browser

Google is always up for fun stuff, this time around they have teamed up with LEGO and created a browser based application named Build with Chrome that lets you create things in your browser and then put them on the world map with your name for everyone to see.

Most probably it has something to do with the upcoming LEGO movie that has a teaser site already, but the application itself is pretty much fun once you get your creative juices running.

Google’s Australia team had initially developed this app using WebGL back in 2012 as an experiment but now it has been put up for public here.

Apart from the key feature that lets you use LEGO bricks to build whatever you feel like, Build with Chrome has social elements – just as expected owing to Google+. A tab named “Explore All Builds” lets you enter the world of build and see on the world map what everyone else has created everywhere in the world.

Since it is powered by Google+ you get to keep a track of others in your Circles too. According to Google, the app uses “new categorization system for completed Builds [that] will help you sort and filter for specific types of structures.”

Of course it is not LEGO Mindstorms or Minecraft – the bricks are very limited as of now – but Build with Chrome is still fun if you are into the LEGO stuff.

Check it out for yourself.