Australia Won’t Receive Titanfall Dedicated Servers

It’s been found that upcoming shooter from Respawn Entertainment won’t have dedicated servers in the Australian region.

Whether it is banning Saints Row 4 or providing no dedicated servers for one of the most anticipated shooters of the year, Australians always seem to be out of luck.

The news comes straight from Titanfall Forums where a member inquired about Titanfall dedicated servers situated in Australia.

In a response, the Respawn community boss, Abbie Heppe replied that it solely depends upon Microsoft. He further added that there are some servers in close vicinity and the studio is working day and night to bring forth the best gameplay experience for everyone:

“It’s really a question for Microsoft. There are servers that gamers in Australia will be able to connect to and we’re testing builds there to make sure they won’t have an unacceptable connection (it has been playable in our tests). I hope that helps a bit!”

Since the answer was quite ambiguous, the inquisitor further asked whether there will be servers on Australian soil or not? And in his reply, Heppe told that those servers aren’t in the Australian region. As for the exact location, he didn’t have a clue about that too:

“They aren’t Australian and I don’t know the exact location (sorry, not the server expert)… But we continue to advocate for Australian servers while making sure Australian gamers will have the best experience we can offer them.”

Being only a multiplayer title, the dedicated servers hold a significant value and their unavailability can ruin the gameplay experience. What do you think?

Titanfall is slated to release on March 11, 2014 in North America and on 14th March in United Kingdom for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.