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Reasons for Being Excited About Watch Dogs – A Whole New Experience

It’s been almost 2 years since we first heard about Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world action-adventure title: Watch Dogs. The highly anticipated title was originally slated for a Q-4 2013 release but got delayed to Q-2 2014 at the eleventh hour.

The arrival of next-gen consoles has brought so many exciting titles into the gaming scene which has caused people to almost forgot about Watch Dogs. Nevertheless, as the new release date approaches, the hype has started to built up once again.

According to Ubisoft, Watch Dogs was delayed because the studio wanted fans to experience a truly memorable ride. And that they needed some extra time to polish the game.

Honestly, this did bother me a little but I would rather wait than to compromise on the quality of the game. Excitement is still sky-high and after playing GTA V, I’m interested more than ever!

Just to refresh your memory, Watch Dogs is set in a ruminative Chicago city where technology advancements has interconnected everyone. Players adopt the role of Aiden Pearce who is able to hack into almost every electronic device to complete objectives and progress through the game.

There should be no doubt that Watch Dogs looks amazingly stunning; even on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The thing that excites me the most is that PC is the lead platform for the game and it’s been built on a new engine called Disrupt.

Previously, we have had a lot of issues with Ubisoft’s titles on PC because they were developed on Xbox 360 and then ported to other platforms which required a lot of effort and money.

Ubisoft has also said that Watch Dogs will see visual amelioration on next-gen consoles and PC; such as improved AI behavior, better draw-distance, improved textures, and more.

The reason for this is that next-gen consoles have a similar architecture to a PC and it’s easy to port games. According to Sony, Watch Dogs is the one title which will define the quality of games on next-gen consoles.

A lot of heed is paid to multiplayer these days and it looks like Ubisoft is taking their lessons from GTA Online. The multiplayer aspect of the game is designed in such a way that you won’t see other players causing mayhem unlike GTA Online. The only time a person will invade your world is when he/she will accept a contract of your name.

These players will appear as a commoner to you and you will not see two Aiden Pearce(s) ever! This invading player will have the option to take his/her time and strike at will. Usually a session will last for 1-2 hours but that depends upon your playstyle.

Furthermore, this feature can be completely disabled if you want a seamless exploration experience. It was also rumored that last-gen versions of the game will exclude certain elements which is not true; according to Ubisoft.

Aiden Pearce’s Profiler is an astonishing piece of equipment. It not only allows you to hack into different devices but will also let you know about people of Chicago. The dynamic events in the game can also be triggered using the Profiler.

It’s exciting to see the capability of your Profiler as it can cause a blackout on the whole city, alter traffic lights, change train routes, lift bridges, and much more.

Then there is Passive Hacking which don’t require you to recharge your Profiler after a hack (Yes, you’ll be required to do that). Passive Hacking includes tapping into someone’s telephone calls or into back accounts to gather information.

After gaining the information, you can head to an ATM and transfer cash. You can also hack into license plates and steal a car to sell them to underground dealers.

Watch Dogs also features applications like GTA V with which you would be able to interact with the people of Chicago and find locations of various safe houses throughout the city. However, all these things will not be available to you from the beginning of the game; your Profiler abilities will begin to grow as you progress through the story.

In addition to that, Aiden is also capable of crafting different equipments and IEDs at workbenches; something I so wanted in GTA V.

The game grants players the freedom to opt for their playstyle and doesn’t enforce them. Depending upon a player’s playstyle, one can either stay stealthy to take out a target or trigger a high-speed chase in case a target runs for his/her life.

However, I still need to fully understand how the Reputation System works? The game doesn’t grant your RP based on stealth-kills or blunt-kills. Since everyone is inter-connected, the media plays an important role. If you’re caught on camera while doing something; everyone will know!

A hacker’s Heaven; Watch Dogs certainly seems like a title that could truly define the next-gen experience. It’ll be interesting to see how Watch Dogs competes with recently released GTA V. We’ve had enough of Los Santos, it’s time for Chicago.

Watch Dogs is slated to release in the Q-2 2014 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.