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Upcoming Borderlands 2 Update Will Add Colorblind Support

Hopefully this will not concern you but there is quite an unexpected number of people with color blindness and the developers of Borderlands 2 believe they should also be considered when developing games. The next Borderlands 2 update is expected to add support for players who have the problem.

Jeffrey “botman” Broome, one of the programmers who have been working on the game since its development tool to Gearbox Software’s community page to discuss their plans.

Before we dig deeper, you should know that among men, almost 7 percent suffer from Color vision deficiency (or CVD) – a more appropriate phrase for the condition. So naturally it would be nice to ensure that they have little or no problem playing some of the good games.

Now you could make mistakes in the color based scenarios of Borderlands 2 since most of the people with CVD would mix up green with orange or red with brown or grey and so on. What they are going to do is try to swap out some colors for other so that the player doesn’t get confused.

A process of Daltonization will be used that will slightly modify all the colors in the game but not so much that they become unrecognizable.

Now while doing this, they would also consider the factor that the game offers spilt screen cameras and there is a rare chance that all the players will be colorblind – so the developer will make sure to keep the changed colors as close to the original as possible.

After the update is released, you’ll be able to find Colorblind mode at the bottom of the Video Options menu. More information will be released regarding the Borderlands 2 update soon and we shall keep you informed.