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Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Outsourced to Bluepoint Games

We have been eagerly waiting for the Xbox One version of Titanfall, but what of the Xbox 360 version? It would have been just great if Respawn Entertainment had gone on to develop all the versions of the game but as it happens, it will be Bluepoint Games who have been put in charge of Titanfall Xbox 360 version.

The news was confirmed by Vince Zampella, the founder of Respawn through his official Twitter account.

Now this is not something that was totally unexpected, we do see developers outsourcing a certain version of the game to other studios. Sometimes, it is done because the company in question doesn’t have the required skill set or resources to develop that certain version.

On other occasions it is because a studio has its resources tied up elsewhere. I think it would be the latter in case of Titanfall Xbox 360 version.

Bluepoint Games has been responsible majorly for porting certain games to other consoles in the past. For instance some of Sony’s first party HD upgrades including Ico/ Shadow of Colossus Pack for PlayStation 3 and God of War Collection.

What troubles me here is that this specific studio has had experience in making games for Sony’s console majorly. The only notable work they have done for Xbox 360 so far is Metal Gear Solid HD collection or both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Now it is their lack of experience on the platform coupled with the fact that among all the prominent ports that they have done, not even one was a shooter – let alone a really hyped up title like Titanfall.

What do you make of this?