The Witch and the Hundred Knight Gets Gameplay Trailer And Screenshots

A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for The Witch and the Hundred Knight, an upcoming localization of a Japanese title. While it’s only a short clip, we do get to see a basic rundown of the core action elements in the game.

For instance, combat in this roleplaying title is performed in real time, seen from an isometric view. Together with its colorful shading and tons of arcade prompts, flashing numbers everywhere, it resembles modern Ys titles a little, for reference.

Another tie-in, Disgaea, could make sense too, as the similar visuals stem from the fact that the game is made by the same developers. Since this is a change in scope for them, an early version of the game becoming an open world had to be shelved to create a functional title.

Players embody the Hundred Knight, a loyal servant to the witch Metallia. Despite her skinny, youthful appearance, this malevolent creature’s wickedness seeks to immerse the world in the swamps she’s trapped in.

As her domestic, you’re tasked with knocking down the barriers of the area, which will, in turn, increase her domain. This takes you through many dungeons filled with enemies.

In the clip, we see a locale made up of floating platforms. Defeating enemies can be done with strikes or by using special skills. When defeated, they leave loot, but there are also treasure chests hanging about.

Some light puzzle elements seem to be scattered through dungeons, in order to proceed to the next segment. The video shows the knight hitting a far off target with a projectile to activate it.

Some screenshots have surfaced as well, which include some conversational cutscenes and a look at the applicable skills in combat. We don’t know what the naked, tied up dog girl is about, but there’s bound to be a sensible explanation as to why she’s in Shrek’s swamp.

Eating will also be a big part of the game. Commands for the player’s stomach can be seen as mapped to the directional buttons.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight will release on Playstation 3 in Europe on March 21, 2014 and on March 25, 2014 for North America.

Source: Siliconera