The Chainsaw Incident Announced Exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita

Chainsaws are horrible, but when you look at it in the context of an incident, Tobe Hooper’s 1974 flick does build your interest in the topic. Let’s see how it goes with Origo Games and Crazy Piranha Entertainment’s latest project; The Chainsaw Incident.

Announced today, it is going to be a 2D horror fighting game that the duo will join hands for. As of now, all we have been given is bits and pieces from the developer along with some screenshots and a teaser. Information is really scarce right now.

From what we know, the game is currently a Sony console exclusive in development for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. No other platform has been announced yet although Origo’s Adam McClard believes that a PC version cannot be ruled out at the moment, though “at this moment it is not planned for launch.” He also believes that a PlayStation 3 version of The Chainsaw Incident is also possible and depended on feedback.

The game is still in the very early stages of development so information regarding the mechanics and storyline itself doesn’t give away much. We know that there will be a total of 26 characters upon launch. Two of the characters would be called “Milda” and “Massacre” – the latter does sound very well thought.

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