SOE’s Unannounced MMO Has Nothing to Do With Star Wars

Sony Online Entertainment has an unannounced MMO in the works and a recent extensive Reddit AMA (Ask My Anything) made fans think that it’s related to Star Wars Galaxies.

Over the weekend, SOE’s boss John Smedley said that their new MMO is a “completely new IP” and that upon launch would have Star Wars Galaxies players “come home now.” He also said that he would love to be given a chance to do something different with SWG. In regards to the MMO, he would have done “everything differently” with it.

Naturally Smedley’s statements created a lot of buzz these past few days and the news of Disney renewing their Star Wars Galaxies trademark in December only added more fuel to the fire.

Today though he came forward on Twitter to clarify that the title has nothing to do with a Star Wars game and that fans of the franchise shouldn’t get their hopes up.

“We have a new game that I think SWG vets will like,” he said. “It’s not a new Star Wars game at all.”

More likely, Disney was only renewing the trademark to secure its rights. Then again, Smedley’s comments could mean that SOE’s new MMO has something remotely to do with SWG. Only time will tell.

via VG247