New Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Update Adds Advanced PhysX

New update of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has just been released and among other things, it advances the PhysX detail levels to accommodate variety of systems.

This is particularly good news for the fans, as now they will be able to enjoy the added detail, immersion, and realism that PhysX introduces.

The PhysX details levels in the latest update of the game are as follows:

Low: Enables PhysX weapon effects and smoke bomb effects. PhysX particles interact solely with characters.
Medium: In addition to character interaction, PhysX particles now interact with objects and the environment.
High: As above, but with the addition of camp fire smoke, chimney smoke, and other environmental PhysX effects.

This will be very exciting to see smoke coming out of guns after every shot. A whole new level of realism can be seen through this new smoke physics. The smoke will also interact with the characters and other gameplay elements including wind and rain.

If you have not yet seen the enhancement of the new PhysX update, you can see them in the video above. Players who are looking to play the game at High settings, it is recommended that they use a Multi-GPU SLI system.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is sixth installment in the franchise and became one of the most popular games because of its story which focuses on Pirate life of the assassin Edward Kenway. If you need any help, you can read our Guides for the game here

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