Evil Controllers Master Mod v3 For Xbox One Lets You Shoot With $200-$300 Controller

Custom manufacturers Evil Controllers have added Xbox One to their lineup, granting people the privilege to design their own modified device.

Mostly shooter fans will be pleased with the addition of the Master Mod v3, since most adjustments benefit that model.

A total of 8 mods are included in a controller, which looks just like the real thing, by the way. You don’t need to fear one of those ghastly knockoffs. Mods are as follows:

  • Rapid Fire
  • Drop Shot
  • Auto Run
  • Akimbo Rapid Fire
  • Left Trigger Rapid Fire
  • Fast Reload
  • Auto Scope
  • Auto Spot

A short clip lists some of the alterations and shows off their effects. For instance, Rapid Fire allows its users to adjust what speed they want any gun to shoot.

One of the more interesting manipulations is Fast Reload. Using a glitch in the animation, it cuts through about an added second of reload time, ensuring you always return fire faster.

With Auto Scope, you’ll hold your breath automatically, stabilizing your view without a fuss.

While the controller will work for the popular shooters on Xbox One right now, being Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, it is noted the Auto Spot only works for the latter. Still, this design that lets you lay down and fire more smoothly can make all the difference.

There is one small catch though: Master Mod v3 Xbox One controllers have a minimum cost of $200. That’s without any frills whatsoever and not including shipping.

You can easily add over $300 to the cost of one modified controller by applying a different paint job, another light, sensitive buttons and other decals. When you’ve just spent $500 on a console, this is quite the upsell, almost doubling up on the price.

Look; if you only play a certain type of game every year and you want that experience to work as well as possible, then you have our blessing to purchase this gaudy piece of decadence.

Buying a Master Mod v3 Xbox One controller certainly will make things a lot easier, so think of it as an investment on lowering frustration.