EVE Online’s Biggest Ever Battle is Still Ongoing; Over 70 Titans Lost

Since last night, more than 2,000 players have participated in the biggest ever EVE Online battle at B-R5RB and the situation is still not resolved. More players join up every now and then, making this one an iconic fight following last year’s immense Battle of Asakai.

According to reports, many corporations have gotten involved since last night. Over 70 Titan-class ships have been taken down so far and overall the cost in real-world damage has exceeded $200,000. The most valuable ship to fall is said to be worth $5,000 in real-world money.

The feud escalated when Nulli Secunda and Pandemic Legion lost their hold on sector B-R5RB, giving rival corporation RUS a window to muscle its way in, backed up by the notorious Clusterfuck Coalition. Later on other corporations took sides and entered the mix.

“Nulli forgot to pay for the space station in this system,” writes Reddit’s delphian1. “PL was living in it. CFC and Rus took ownership of it knowing PL had assets in it. Both sides escalated to current shitshow.”

Titans are the most expensive and largest ships found in the game. They are worth $120 billion ISK or $7600 in real-money. Even if you have the necessary resources, a Titan ship still takes ample amount of time to create, with players having to wait for weeks and in most cases 2-3 months.

Source: PC Gamer