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Crimson Dragon Goes on Sale on Xbox Live for One Week

Crimson Dragon developed by Grounding Inc. was one of the exclusive launch titles for the Xbox One on 22nd of November. The game got some really mixed reviews from different sites, some rated it as good while some rated the game negatively. The game got an aggregate score of ‘56’ at Metacritic.

The game was originally designed for Kinect Sensor only, but then it was modified to work with the gamepad and dual analog sticks as well, some of the Kinect use is also required though.

If you haven’t already got your hands on the game, now is your chance as the game is on sale for one week. You can check out the discounted price of the game on Xbox Store, the prices may vary in different regions. The last date of this sale is February 4th.

Crimson Dragon is a spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon series, as it features almost similar gameplay and is made by Yukio Futatsugi, who was the director of the first three Panzer Dragoon games.

Have you already played this game? If not, now is your chance to get it on the discounted price. Will you be buying the game? let us know in the comments section below.