Xbox One: 8% Reserved GPU Power Being Unlocked for Devs – Rumor

Perhaps Microsoft has had enough of consumers talking down the graphical ability of the Xbox One.

Rumor has it that the Xbox One had been locking out developers from 10 percent of the console’s GPU power. That includes 8 percent for video and 2 percent for voice. Now though Microsoft is said to be unlocking the console’s power, offering the whole 8 percent reserved power to the developers as well.

The rumor comes from Pete Dodd’s Twitter account who is well known as a reliable source when it comes to Microsoft related rumors.

Gpu for that certain system had 10‰ reserved. 8‰ video. 2‰ voice. Voice will remain. That video 8‰ will be up to devs. As it should be.

Currently no developer has come forward to mention being locked out of the Xbox One’s GPU. However, that could be part of an NDA signed or perhaps the developers don’t really care about it. Really, how much could 8 percent make a difference to a game? Only the developers would know and if this news does materialize in the days to come, it’ll be interesting to see if it’s of any use.

Source Twitter