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Valve Shares Details About Upcoming Dota 2 New Bloom Festival

After teasing Chinese New Year update for over a month, Valve is finally gearing up for their new festival called New Bloom Festival.

The highlight of the ‘New Bloom Festival’ is a novel game mode, which will feature a mysterious boss called ‘Year Beast’. The event will also feature a separate map in which players will be able to work together and take out the boss.

Taking out the ‘Year Beast’ will grant players with his belongings like armament for couriers, heroes, and wards. Players may also get the new ‘Redhoof Courier’.

Furthermore, it is being said that the game mode will feature its very own worldwide leader board which will reward top players with exclusive items.

As for beating the boss, players will need items both from DOTA and exclusive festival items. A featured item called Flamesalt Ingots will let players either farm gold from it or to make trinkets which hold the ability of dealing damage to the ‘Year Beast’.

Like the previous festivals, the fortune’s favors are making a comeback in this event and will let players farm extra Flamesalt Ingots. These favors will also provide players with Jade Tokens which can be used to buy Bloom Bounties; another festival-specific item. Other than this, items like armaments can be traded to get some extra Ingots.

Check out more comprehensive details on the event on DOTA 2’s official website and tell us what you think about this event?