The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Release Date will be Announced Very Soon

CD Projekt Red has kept the Witcher fans waiting for nearly a year now. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt was announced on February 4, 2013 but no official release date has been given so far.

Naturally this leaves us uncertain about the developer’s plans, until now. CD Projekt have assured that the game will be released in 2014 and that the release date will be announced very soon now.

I know that is not much to go on, but it still is an official word that we can look forward to. Marcin Iwinski the co-founder of CD Projekt was interviewed by MCV India where he was asked about the release date and his answer was “we’ll be announcing that soon.”

Moreover, he reassured regarding the release date that “we’ve said this year, so it’ll be this year” and that preorders will also start as soon as the release date is announced. He stated that the reason for not being able to give a fixed date is that they do not want to “over-promise” anything.

Other than this, the system requirements for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will not make you strain yourself too much if your PC is one or two years old.

Ofcourse, you will need to get a better machine if you want to beat the best player in town. While talking about modding, he also assured that tools will be released sooner as compared to the previous versions of the game.

Lastly, Iwinski had a hint for us regarding the future of the franchise; he mentioned a new book written by Andrzej Sapkowski the author of The Witcher series – we might as well get something new from the same author who created the Witcher universe.