StarCraft II Patch 2.1 Gets Art Tools And Makes Almost Everything Free

With Blizzard’s latest 2.1 Patch to Starcraft II, the community will get its chance to mod the PC game like never before. In the update, the company launches Art Tools for free, which can adjust just about anything in the game.

For reference, these tools are similar to those employed by the development team themselves. It allows for full customization of models, from their looks to animations and behavior. Tutorials will be provided by the team to get you started.

You will need the 3DS Max 2011 software, but that comes with a range of advantages. Primarily, you’ll be able to create your own assets and put them to work in the game. Just design your own models and transform StarCraft in your own game. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Since its conception, StarCraft has already received a few completely divergent modifications, such as a Bejeweled clone or even an entire massively multiplayer online conversion. These user-generated items will now be able to become even more exotic.

What’s more; this patch will make StarCraft II nearly free for everyone, to a pretty ridiculously generous degree, at least. For starters, all races are now unlocked for multiplayer sections and the Arcade is available for all content, including that made by players.

Prior to this update, only the Terran race and official mods were free in the Starter Edition of StarCraft II, which is a freely downloadable trial with a few campaign maps and connected online sessions.

With extension mods, players will also be able to mold the rules of the game itself to their liking. Blizzard has prompted a few simple mods of their own to get started, but this could have the potential to create a new era of tournament rules.

As of Patch 2.1, it sounds like there are more free options in the test download of StarCraft II than there are paid parts of content. That’s a pretty classy move.