Ruffian Partners With Square Enix for Game of Glens

Ruffian Games has today announced a new partnership with Square Enix; which will find both studios working together towards the development of the upcoming Scotsman-themed minigame compilation Game of Glens for PC platforms.

The developer behind the previous Crackdown 2 title will be funding the project through the Square Enix Collective, a crowdfunding initiative the publisher launched in October last year to encourage the development of community-submitted game ideas. Square Enix on the other hand will be handling distribution for the finished titles.

“There are lots of really talented small teams around the world with great game ideas. For those teams, getting visibility, momentum, funding and distribution can be very tricky and that’s where we hope Collective can help,” said Phil Elliott, project lead on Collective.

I have to admit that I was not aware of this Collective program and now after knowing about it, I can say it’s pretty awesome of Square Enix.

A total of three studios have so far joined Square Enix’s Collective program, Ruffian Games included. The other studios are Shattered Planet developer Kitfox Games and World War Machine creator Tuque Games.