Plot of Uncharted 4 Apparently Teased by Actor

We know everyone is eager to know more about the next game in the Uncharted series but Naughty Dog has kept us at bay as far as the storyline of the game is concerned. On the other hand, one of the actors who are working in the game might have something for us.

You might remember the first teaser trailer released by the developer back in November last year for Uncharted 4. It was voiced over by Todd Stashwick (he also plays a character in the game). The same actor took to twitter with his activities regarding the game’s development.

The first tweet made by him came with a shining hashtag of #spoiler and it obviously got us thinking since the tweet itself is pretty much confusing. Have a look:

“The charts will remain un,” that much is certain; but was he trying to hint at the game’s plot? Why else would he warn us about a spoiler? Here are a couple of other tweets that he made:

The first tweet was downright ambiguous, the next weren’t really spoilery or maybe there is something we are missing out?

What we know about Uncharted 4 – or whatever they decide to call it – is that it will most probably feature somewhere in Madagascar especially Île Sainte-Marie.

Oh and we still don’t know the context in which the original teaser trailer used a phrase from the Gospel of Luke that goes: “Hodie Mecum Eris In Paradiso” (translated into: today you will be with me in paradise).

Your thoughts?