Check out the New Infamous Second Son Behind the Scenes Trailer

There is still time in the release of Infamous Second Son, but the hype is high enough for us to follow each and every bit of the development that takes place at Sucker Punch. The developer has released a new trailer for the action adventure game that goes to their studio and behind the scenes of the game development.

The trailer is two and a half minute long and starts off with Jason Connell the technical art lead and Nate Fox the game director for Infamous Second Son explaining how they are making the game work.

The game’s atmosphere, details and things like rain and its effects are discussed but above all it’s the world that they have created for the game that is impressive. You see cars blowing up at the same time when you see the sun shining even at the tiniest details of the game.

It is the first time in the Infamous series that a real world city is being used as the setting of the game. You will see Seattle with all its iconic landmarks like never before.

Infamous Second Son is bound to hit the market as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on March 21, 2014.