Meet ‘Styx: Master of Shadows’ – A New Infiltration RPG by Cyanide Studio

Cyanide Studios may not have the best track record but surely, one can’t deny that they have made some very interesting games. Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth based title which follows the story of a Goblin named “Styx”.

He will be climbing a huge tower and solving puzzles at the same time, with many guards surrounding the area, who will attack on first sight. He will do all that effort to get a chance at earning wealth and learning the story of his origin.

The press release notes “murder, information recovery” and “thefts of precious artifacts” among the hurdles awaiting Styx. Levels will also be open to multiple methods of completion, leaving it up to players to choose between stealth or charge into all battles without reservation.

As players go up on the tower, the experience points they earn will be used to unlock different skills, moves and weapons which are spread across six talent trees.

Check out the images of the game below: