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Meet Street Fighter 2 Transformed into a Rock Opera

Yes you read that right; one of most famed fighting games is getting transformed into something you would have never expected. An indie music group, Man Factory has spent six years to completely translate the Street Fighter 2 universe and its characters into a Rock Opera – this is not a delusion.

Titled Street Fight, it is a trilogy of albums that have been released on Bandcamp by the group. The series of albums revolves around Chun Li and Ken mostly though other characters keep making appearances every now and then.

The storyline is that Chun Li is seeking revenge for the death of her father from M. Bison while Ken is torn due to girlfriend issues that involve Ryu – his friend.

Care to know more? Here is an excerpt from the lyrics of one of the songs:

“Blanket off I’m takin’ off I’m gettin’ outta here. How come she always mentions him? Could she be shy-yuken my best friend?”

The track names of the third album will also amuse you if these lyrics did. They have made songs like “bison inside,” “ken Surfaces,” “one fight in Bangkok,” and “Chun Li in red.”

Each of the Street Fighter 2 rock opera albums cost $7 if you buy them from bandcamp, I am getting one because I’m bored.