LinkedIn Suggests Far Cry 4 in Development at Ubisoft Shanghai

Ever since Far Cry 3 was released, there have been plenty of rumors indicating a new Far Cry 4 installment to hit the next-gen platforms and PC in 2014. Ubisoft hasn’t been too quiet on the matter either, teasing and hinting a new installment in the franchise last year.

While an official announcement is still pending, a LinkedIn profile has been spotted by VideoGamer that perhaps gives us the first concrete confirmation on the game. The profile belongs to Xavier Plagnal, design manager at Ubisoft Shanghai, and tells that the designer is involved in production of the next Far Cry.

Xavier Plagnal has previously worked on a number of Ubisoft titles, including the latest Splinter Cell: Blacklist. His LinkedIn profile doesn’t quite give further details on the game but as it happens in such cases, expect the profile to be edited soon to hush up the web.

Initially the rumors had Far Cry 4 releasing in Q1 of 2014. However, with the studio’s recent delays with Watch Dogs and The Crew, I can’t see Ubisoft following the rumored deadline.

Development on The Crew has not been revealed but Watch Dogs seems to be coming to an end. There’s a slim chance that we get to see the release of Far Cry 4 in fall of this year, but Ubisoft will probably push it back to 2015.

via VideoGamer