Developers of ‘The Crew’ Talk About Servers, Traffic and Train Races

The Crew is definitely one of the most anticipated title on PS4 and Xbox One coming in 2014. New information regarding the servers was released by Ubisoft.

The development team behind The Crew talked about how many servers the game will have for PC, Xbox One and PS4, the in-game camera, universal car settings, train racing and a big map for players for reference.

Ubisoft said:

“There will be one server per platform (PC, Xbox One, PS4). While free roaming, you will be able to turn the camera all around your car, and when you get back into the garage you will have the possibility to inspect every aspect of your vehicle (body, interior, chassis and more).

It will not be possible to save a preset of car that you will apply to all your vehicles. You will be able to save the modifications that you apply to one car at the time. [A detailed, physical map] is something we’d like to get for sure! [Train racing] sounds very dangerous, and this will be in the game.”

Ubisoft talked about traffic ratio in the game, they said:

“It will be the same for all players on the map. However, exact levels of traffic will depend on both where you are and the time of day, “So if you’re driving in a main city you’ll have a lot more traffic than in a small town, same if you’re in day time rather than night.” And of course, where there’s traffic – there’s cops, although thankfully, they won’t always be on your back: “Only when you do something wrong, rest assured however that they will not be patrolling around you all the time.”

The development of the game is moving fast. However, The Crew doesn’t have a specific release date yet but it is said to release sometime in 2014.