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inFamous: Second Son Will Not Feature Multiplayer

A recent report about inFamous: Second Son featuring a multiplayer mode has been now torn up by an official spokesperson.

In a recent interview with the Taiwanese media during a stage event at Taipei Game Show, Brand Development Director Ken Schramm clarified that the report’s wording was a mistake. inFamous: Second Son is going to remain a single-player game and there is not multiplayer in the game’s design.

Schramm also shared some more details with the media, saying that the game has an open architecture, which gives players the freedom to do quests outside of the main storyline without any time constraints. However, at the same time players need to be careful of their choices. Be it good or evil, these choices will have an effect on certain situations, where some may not be possible to be played anymore.

We still have no information on the complete list of superpowers included in the game. Schraam only mentioned that every superpower will have a tremendous interactive with the environment, allowing players to raise hell by going berserk.

There will be a meter though, so players won’t be able to use different elements at the same time. Every different kind of power will also have the same general setup.

inFamous: Second Son will release worldwide on March 21, 2014 for the PlayStation 4 only.

Source: UDN