Dark Souls 2: First Two Community-Designed Shields Revealed

Following the closure of the Dark Souls 2 Shields Design Contest, the game’s official Facebook page has now revealed two of the six winners that will be available in the game for players.

The contest, conducted by From Software last year, had users following a template and then submitting their own uniquely designed shields. The designs would then be shortlisted by community votes; after which From Software representatives would then choose six winners from the top 30 submissions.

The winners would be rewarded with a free signed collector’s edition of the game, have their name in the game’s credits and most of all, have their shield designs be available in the game for everyone.

“As a conclusion to the ‘Shield Design Contest’ held in May 2013 on facebook.com/Darksouls, the six winning shield designs created by the Dark Souls community have been adapted by From Software to blend in the Dark Souls 2 aesthetic and become part of Drangleic, the mysterious fallen kingdom where the game’s story unfolds,” the post reads.

To check out both the shields, you can head over to the game’s official Facebook page. The last two sets will be revealed on January 28 and January 31.

It’s always wonderful to see developers involve the community with one of their projects. A similar contest was held for the first Dark Souls as well.