Battlefield 4: Custom Loadout Presets Coming in Future

Let’s face it. Battlefield 4 needs presets, and it needs them now. I for one love to play Support but always have to switch between two different loadouts depending upon the map. I have a different one for close encounters and another for range.

Having presets in the game would allow me to save these different loadouts and switch between them on the fly, without going into the menu and change every slot.

According to Battlelog developer Darklord, custom presets may soon be coming to the game. Talking in the Battlefield 4 subreddit, the developer said that the presets are almost confirmed but will be exclusive to Battlelog; meaning that you’ll still have to switch windows and choose from your saved custom presets before going back in-game.

Darklord also stated that he would personally love to see loadouts change with each map. In that case players will be able to define maps when saving loadouts. That sounds wonderful.

Currently DICE is still hard at work looking over some major game related bugs. One which many are currently facing nowadays is the random “Disconnected from Server” message. For some mysterious reason, there are servers which can’t join and then can on any other day. It’s totally random.

Sometimes while connected, you might be disconnected as well without any reason. PB seemed to be the guilty party here but updating the anti-cheat did nothing.

Source: Reddit