Metroid and Mega Man Inspired Indie Game ReVen Hits Kickstarter

New Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Texas-based indie developer Varia Games for a 2D shooter/platformer called ReVeN.

The developer of the game said:

“The EDM allows the player to divert energy in real time to any of the four parts of SyRek’s body (Weapons, Shielding, Mobility, and Sensors) taking power cores from one system and shifting them into another to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Want a more powerful weapon? Take energy from your movement speed and increase your damage.”

It’s worth mentioning that the Wii U version will be a basic port (presumably from the PC version) if only the main target is met.

You can check out the game at Kickstarter and let us know what’s your take on the game in the comments section below.