Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be “Very Open” to Modding

Kingdom Come: Deliverance made it to its Kickstarter goal in just two days. So the developers now have enough money to buy their own kingdom.

The game looks extremely promising and in just few days, it has gathered enormous following for itself.

If you are still unsure what to make of the game, it is understandable but Warhorse seems to be on the right track and its approach to modding is no different. While talking to Rock Paper Shotgun in an interview, project director Daniel Vavra revealed that mods are okay in Warhorse’s leather-bound historical time.

“We are quite open to modding, since it’s on CryEngine, it should be easy to mod, too.”

There may be an easier to use Kingdom Come specific tool set. The idea is still in the air, director will try to push it. He said:

“We hope that we will be able to release our tools and assets for CryEngine SDK. No guarantees now, but it would be a shame not to do it.”

He also mentioned that he’d be interested to see players make the game’s survival elements more life or death, replicating a DayZ or Fallout: New Vegas experience within it.

Regardless, Kingdom Come will absolutely be moddable on some level, and that’s an exciting thought. If I have to guess, veteran modders will turn this real videogame into Skyrim or Witcher like game first chance they get.

The game is looking well on track as the studio has announced that first of three episodes of the game will launch in December 2015.