Indie Game Lifeless Planet Updates In Lieu Of Steam Early Access Launch In ‘A Couple Weeks’

Indie game Lifeless Planet is gearing up for a more public release shortly. In its most recent development blog, the PC title’s developer has mentioned that a Steam Early Access release should be available in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, visuals have been adjusted for a more realistic feel. For instance, real-time reflections have been added to the character’s helmet.

Now, exploring the world will see its environment cast back on the character model. Prior to that, this was just achieved by a static image.

Moreover, SSAO filtering will make models feel more connected to each other. Through use of shading, edges of textures get obscured to look like they’re part of the same element.

In Lifeless Planet, players embark on a strange space quest. Suddenly, they’ll find themselves on another planet, but one that seems like it was inhabited before, as it is littered with human-looking buildings.

This strange explorative adventure will seek to put its story into actions instead of words. Most of the things you’ll find out are met through circumstance, instead of being told.

Originally, Lifeless Planet was put into effect after a successful Kickstarter project. Out of a needed $8,500, the campaign eventually closed at over $17,000. It has since been picked up by publisher Lace Games.