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Team Fortress 2 Update Adds Valve-only Server Quickplay Option

Popular online shooter Team Fortress 2 has received an update for the pickier players. In the January 23 patch, an option has been added to choose Valve servers only.

This quickplay option should allow players to connect swiftly and solely to official servers. Some people enjoy the security and stability of those and some are just peculiar about their choices.

Naturally, to prevent shenanigans, a system is also put into place that prevents game server redirection. That way, connecting through quickplay shouldn’t end up in alternate servers of a lesser breed.

As a free-to-play game and one coming directly from the minds of Steam, you could say Team Fortress 2 is quite the popular shooter. In fact, it’s so colossal in its community that it basically runs its own economy through keys.

At the announcement of the free-to-play transition of the game, many purists cried out that their game would be tainted to filthy casuals. Therefore, instating some more official options sometimes may help the burden of having to play with someone who didn’t pay for the game.

Also in this patch, Team Fortress 2 tweaks some of its Mann vs Machine gameplay mode. For instance, bots can now equip multiple cosmetic items.