Sony Website Listing Apparently Confirms Infamous Second Son Online Multiplayer

March 21 is only two months away – the date when Infamous Second Son releases. Yet Sucker Punch Productions has neither confirmed nor denied an online multiplayer option for the open world action adventure. Yet PlayStation Japan has left a very unambiguous indication for its presence.

The listing of the game on the Japanese website gives a summary of the specifications and features of the game at the end of the page (see below). One of the features reads “Online: Supported,” now what do we make of that?

Infamous second son

Other games listed on similar websites do not mention anything like that if the game doesn’t support a multiplayer feature. Knack doesn’t have it, while Killzone Shadow Fall has the same feature.

Let’s roll back to E3 2013; a brochure distributed to the attendees that read “Online Players: TBC.” That has been the developer’s stance on this matter until now though the community has been rumoring about it ever since.

The part that gives weight to this is that the listing came from Sony’s official website. Alternatively, this could simply mean an online support for players who could make use of a level editor shared online – Infamous 2 had it.

Lastly, and a total killjoy would be that the entry is just a mere mistake. Either way, we will have to wait until Sucker Punch gives an official statement on the matter.