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Sony Releases Free-to-Play Blackjack Game ‘Suits and Swords’ On Mobile Devices

For some reason, Sony Pictures Television has released a free-to-play title on mobile devices called Suits and Swords. This game, available on both Android and iOS right now, teaches kids that it’s fun to gamble through a roleplaying dynamic.

Basically a highly advanced piece of blackjack, players follow Captain Black Jack through his quest to defeat the Joker. We’re not kidding; that’s the height of creativity here. His name is Black Jack.

Anyway, each stage is a duel against enemies that is set up like playing blackjack against the house. Players need to reach 21 or a close number underneath it to beat their opponent’s score and deliver damage to the overhead life bar.

Further options include adding magic cards to the tally, to increase the proximity to 21. Since there’s a monetization aspect, it’s also possible to find or purchase loot, which includes additional equipment for the character and so on.

Unlike its peers, such as the PC title Runepsell: Overture, this game doesn’t alter the basic gambling premise that much, which is dangerously close to feeding kids an addiction early on. Their current 12+ age rating isn’t a better sign of that.

In a press release, Sony explains the decision as such:

Sony Pictures Television has built a successful track record of leveraging familiar franchises like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Jeopardy’ to create a variety of popular and engaging mobile games. As we look to expand our portfolio with free-to-consumer titles, we’re creating new game IP like ‘Suits and Swords’ to grow our audience base and reach a key marketable demographic.

In its recent losses statements, the company vowed to put more emphasis on Sony Pictures Television, since it saw success with hits like Breaking Bad and such. Apparently, free-to-play gambling shill Suits and Swords is the stepping stone that gets that ball rolling.