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Resogun for PS3 and Vita Will Not be the Same, Says HouseMarque

Did you play Resogun the free to play launch title of PS4? How would you like a version of the game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita? Mikael Haveri, Head of Self-Publishing at HouseMarque shed some light on that while talking to Eurogamer today.

We know that HouseMarque is working on another PS4 game which could most likely be Dead Nation 2. As far as the future of the game is concerned, we do know that the developer is working on a DLC for the game but a PS Vita and PS3 port might also be on the menu.

He has been pretty vocal on how the upcoming DLC was doing great in development but while talking about PS Vita version (and PS3) he insisted that the game might need to be changed owing to certain limitations:

“Remote Play’s doing really well, and I’m happy with how that’s been implemented. If we were to port the game to Vita, and other platforms like PS3, right now we’d have to implement some limitations in the technology of the game. We haven’t got an official stance on that, but it wouldn’t be the same Resogun on other platforms.”

Alright so would you still want a PS3 and PS Vita version of Resogun if it was, as Haveri says, limited in certain ways?