Kingdom Come Deliverance is Coming, Kickstarter Successful in Only Two Days

You wanted it, so you shall have it. Kingdom Come Deliverance had arrived on Kickstarter only two days ago, as reported, and guess what, it has already achieved its goal of £300,000. That makes one thing certain; the game is coming.

Right now, the total amount pledged has reached £331,754 at the hands of 10,856 backers. The second update on the website accolades the backers saying, “That’s really, absolutely, mind-blowingly thrilling,” and it goes on:

We cannot stress strongly enough how grateful we are to all of you. This resounding confirmation of what we’ve been working on for almost two years just makes everything worthwhile. We are happy — and privileged — to be working on this project and we want to make the best possible game we can, for you.

Other than that, it also means we will be seeing stretch goals as there still are 27 more days to go in the funding period. According to the update, you should expect their first stretch goal announcement sometime later today.

Warhorse Studios, the Czech game developer has also announced that “every penny” collected over and above the Kickstarter goal will “go towards making Kingdom Come Deliverance better.”

By the way, the Kickstarter backing wasn’t started to solely fund the game but rather to convince a major investor that there was a large audience for a game of this type.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are one of the backers, you get a copy of the game when it’s completed, and until then you get to play around with the alpha and the beta version of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game are still a possibility though not confirmed yet, how many of you want the game to be developed for the consoles?