Early Access Sports Simulation ‘Snow’ Gets A Redesign

Steam Early Access game Snow has launched a redesigning update that should facilitate the gameplay within. A lot of cosmetic enhancements have been applied to the sport simulation title, with a gameplay tweak here and there.

First off, a short developer diary notes the changes made to the main menu. Snow will now make use of a more modern tile set for its different categories. This is similarly applied to options, wherein you’ll now be able to adjust display visibility.

Should you choose to keep the display on the screen, you’ll see a speedometer in the corner.

In the shop, items have been updated to cycle much faster than before. This also comes with a variety of new trinkets.

Once in the game, players will now be dropped through a spawn camera in several locations, to replace the mountain map. Moreover, an orbit camera should be implemented later on.

Most importantly, you can put down session markers. These allow you to start right at the flag point. Three sessions markers are allowed.

For jumps, the rotation has been adjusted. It’s possible to pre-load a rolling jump, to gain more velocity in the air. Animations to show this off are still pending.

While Snow is a free-to-play game, the indie developer is currently using Early Access to fund its progress. Once it feels it’s ready, the game will switch, in case you didn’t want to pay upfront.