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Dark Souls 2 Online Features Detailed – Everything You Need To Know

Just the Single player campaign of Dark Souls 2 makes it worth playing because of its insane difficulty. The game since its first release in 2009, has become a phenomenon in the gaming industry.

The game has built a huge fan following for itself for its difficulty and gameplay style.

To enrich the Dark Soul 2 Single Player experience, players can engage in the series of unique online component, doing away with any unnecessary communication and technical details. The game will automatically connect any interested players.

Helping other players
Players will be able to help each other with an asynchronous online experience. Following are the features that are designed to help other players.

  • Phantoms:

If other players are playing around at the same time, you will see momentary ghostly forms of them. How they act and play in those situations may give you an idea about the dangers that lie ahead, and you can deal with them.

  • Blood Splatters:

When a player dies in the game, their last moments are recorded online. If you touch the blood, you will be able to see that memory and might guess what killed them.

  • Messages:

You will be able to leave messages as hints. Other players will read them and rate them which in return will restore your health.

Duels and Co-operation

  • Summoning:

Using the ‘White Sign Soapstone’ you can set a summon sign, which let other players invite you to their world in Incorporeal form. Conversely, if you see a summon sign on the floor, you can invite an online player to assist you. Up to three players can co-operate at one time.

  • Invading:

You will be able to use a Red Eye Orb, which lets you invade another player’s world as a wraith and fight them in a PvP combat.

Role Play
In Dark Souls 2, player will be able experience the game with a set play style for multiplayer. They accept contract that force them to interact and role-play according to the pre-determined rules.

With Dark Souls 2 contracts, the game aims to increase the immersion of Online PvP and Co-op by fulfilling their assigned game roles, players make simple matchmaking battles to conform to the setting and the story of the game.

Contracts exist for the variety of play-styles, including secret ones that players may find hidden in the game. Players can also find and accept contracts by talking to the NPC’s in the game.

Contracts that assign roles in Multiplayer are as follows:

  • The Azure Faithful

A sacred pact with the Azure Gods, when attackers invade the world of the Azure faithful servants of the Gods (The Azure Guardians) will fly to their aid.

  • Azure Guardian

A sacred pledge of service to the Azure Gods, when attackers invade the world of an Azure faithful. Azure guardians are automatically summoned to aid them. This contract also allows the guardian pass judgment of sinners, invading their worlds.

  • Blood Brethren

A Contract for the bloodthirsty, those bound by this contract invade the world of other players and kill them. Making one an enemy of the Azure Guardians. This is the best contract for players interested in PvP combat.

  • The Warriors of Sunlight

Returning from the previous game, a covenant for the Sun Worshippers, in the dark world, their golden countenance shines even brighter.

  • The Bell Keepers

Protectors of an ancient pair of bells, when an intruder dares to invade a certain location, keepers will be automatically summoned to protect the bells.

What online feature among these are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!