Basement Crawl Brings Bomberman Gameplay to PS4 on January 29

Indie games on Playstation 4 are pouring in as development studio Bloober Team has announced that their game Basement Crawl is coming to Europe on January 29, 2014. A date for America would follow shortly, but isn’t known so far.

It’s pretty obvious that the game takes heavy inspiration from classic Bomberman titles. Arcade gameplay pits several players against each other in a 3D maze that can be cleared with explosions.

Going head to head, the goal is to trap opponents and have them crushed. Using a tile model, you’ll need a good linear overview of where you’re headed to stay in the clear.

Basement Crawl presents itself as a little darker than its Bomberman sire. While there is still a flurry of colors flowing through the screen, locations are also quite blackened and tackled by decay.

Local multiplayer will allow up to 4 players to take part in this friendship-ruining dynamic. Even better; online gameplay opens this up to 8 competitors, which should be pretty ambitious to handle fluently.

If you’re looking to enjoy Basement Crawl, you’ll need a Playstation 4. That’s right; this indie title is currently exclusive to Sony’s new machine. Don’t forget you need Playstation Plus for online functionality.

Basement Crawl is a download title, which will be available on Playstation Network for €9.99.