Apple TV Rumored to be Adding Game Support in New Update

Rumors have started popping up on the web saying that Apple is making great progress in the development of a newer iteration of Apple TV. The device in fact is said to be well into testing and is said to be a separate hardware box instead of a full TV set.

According to sources close to 9to5Mac, the device will be released this year and will feature a new operating system based on iOS.

Additionally the company is said to be working on a new update to the Apple TV that will add proper support for games. This update specifically is said to be coming in March or maybe even earlier.

New input methods have been reported, including Bluetooth controller options, that will allow consumers to directly download games to the Apple TV. An anonymous developer has suggested to iLounge that game support could be backward-compatible with the current-generation Apple TV. On that note it’s possible that iCloud would be used as a solution for storage.

The rumors if true, and from the looks of it could be, would also suggest that Apple might bring in an Apple TV App Store or “Game Store” for the new device that will promote the new hardware and related software. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of new content being released this year for Apple consumers.

Source: iLounge, 9to5Mac