Three More Project CARS Videos Surface on YouTube

Were you having a confused mind regarding Slightly Mad Studios’ racing simulation? We have something that will help you decide whether you want this game or not but after watching these videos, I am sure what you will decide.

Project CARS uses the same Madness engine used by Need for Speed Shift games but guess what, there is no lag or floating feeling while driving.

The graphics are so artistic you feel like the prime motive of the simulation is that it lets you view your favorite cars in all their beauty instead of being a racing game. Warning: don’t let that make you think it will be any less of a challenging game.

Starting off, the first video (above) shows you the graphical prowess of the game; 35 players on the same track.

Of course, things will get a little hectic; the circuit is narrow as well (it is a recreation of a historical track known as Hockenheim), but that is what happens when there are so many cars together doesn’t it?

The second video tones down the chaos showing off only eight players racing together for a win. Since the track is a lot less crowded, you will be able to get a good look at the driving.

Lastly, the third video shows Brands Hatch washed down in a spectacular rain. Check them out for yourself and tell us what you think.