Steam Releases Comicado and openCanvas For Drawing Artists

It still feels a little weird, but Steam is no longer a digital distribution for games only, but serves up software releases as well. Not one, but two new graphic design tools have just dropped on the platform, namely Comicado and openCanvas 5.5.

Depending on your level of expertise and willingness to dive into designing, you’ll receive advantages from either one. Therefore, we’ll list what program is best suited for which needs.

This tool is lightweight and the cheaper of the two, without having to reduce too much in its standard approach. You can still rely on it for most basic and more advanced drawings. It, however, specializes in creating comic strips with different panels, adjustable sizes and so on.

There’s even a basic rigging device that should allow you to quickly draw more human scenes. At a price of €27.99, it’s a rather robust tool that should be ideal for anyone who has ever aspired to make web comics. It even comes with Photoshop support.

openCanvas 5.5
If you’re already acquainted with basic design, you may want to go for openCanvas. This is your standard, versatile drawing program that features a wide range of customizable options for brushes, layers and so on. Essentially, it’s like Photoshop specifically for drawing things.

It should serve you for creating fairly elaborate pieces if you stick with it. Those seeking to learn from their practice can make use of the recording feature that plays back the process in a speed drawing.

Since your creation tools are slightly more complex here, you’ll also be paying a bit more. A price of €45.99 is currently brought down to €36.79. We advise choosing this one if you want to get serious with designing concept art and other, more advanced scenes.

Personally, as a beginner to mid-level drawing fan, I’d stick with Comicado, as it includes a ton of helpful options for a small price and can definitely show you things left more to self-teaching in openCanvas 5.5.

Please note that, for both accounts, a drawing tablet is highly recommended.