PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Branding Video Shows New Gameplay Footage

A new video has been leaked online that outlines the brand strategy for DriveClub, the upcoming racer from Evolution Studios.

It’s unsure as to whether this video was for internal usage only or if it was released to the public before its intended time. Either way, the video contains some gameplay footage from the game, featuring several cars, user interface elements and much more.

In related news, the Official PlayStation Magazine Italy has pegged DriveClub for a release in June this year. The title was initially intended to be part of Sony’s PS4 launch lineup last year. However, just a month prior to that it was delayed to early 2014 due to the development team requiring “more time in order to deliver on their vision”.

It was then thought that the game would be part of the PlayStation 4’s official Japanese launch on February 22 but with this new sighting, it seems the game has been delayed yet again.

There has been no official word on this though so there’s still a chance the game arrives earlier than expected. An announcement can be expected soon since only last week Sony teased that it would be announcing a release date “shortly” and that it was “really excited about how Driveclub is progressing.”