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PayDay 2 Infamy Update Resets Everything, Leveling Again Makes You Infamous

Exciting news for the veteran PayDay 2 players, now they have something to look forward to, as the latest update of the game is set to hit in the near future.

Overkill Software has shed some details on PayDay 2 incoming Infamy update, which reveals that those who have maxed out their character can opt to reset their progress in a prestige-esque manner.

Not only will you be receiving this new gear, but you will also be able to earn Infamy skill points and 14 cards every time you level up, that proves you are a veteran of the game. However, when this update launches, only one out of the four tiers will be available with the rest to come in the future.

People who will want to become infamous will have to have at least 200 million cash on their character in order to do so. Currently, there’s no set release date for this update and no word yet on whether or not the consoles will get this update as well.

People who do this in the game, they won’t be left empty handed as they will receive some of the awesome gear that you can view below: