Patch Adds Level Editing Tools to Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Just Cause 2 has sold over six million and has half a million active players right now. Obviously many of them would want modding tools – things like level editors and whatnot.

Though Avalanche Studios supported the multiplayer mod and allowed it to be released on the steam, there is an apparent lack of content.

To prolong the life of the multiplayer, people behind the multiplayer have decided to release the level editor to get the community on board in the content creation process.

What will happen is, the level editor will let server owners add items of their choice to the game when and where they want. This calls for imagination; could be a world from the Upside Down movie or just tracks up in the air – the possibilities are boundless!

It has been decided that servers where modding takes place will be rotated with areas where all the experimentation happens highlighted so that people can find it.

For that matter, developers have added a server highlight feature, a yellow block over the servers that have one of these additions going on.

Right now, Battle for Panau and Real-Life servers are offering level up gameplay and faction vs. faction wars.

You will have to sign up to one of the game factions and then work your way across the map completing missions and doing what you do best; killing enemies.

I see Just Cause 2 shaping up to be a huge game since it is only in an early stage of modding and is already offering a lot; hundreds of players being able to play in factions is certainly interesting.

Your thoughts on the matter?