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Next F2P by Starbreeze, Storm could be a ‘Payday in Space’

When a developer hit their career high with an idea, they would surely want to retry it sometime.

Starbreeze is looking to do the same apparently; after the huge success of Payday, it looks like they will be using ideas from the game in Storm, their upcoming game.

Information has been scarce regarding this project of theirs, but firstly, we do know that it will be a free to play game based in space. Secondly, looking at how the developer is good with first-person shooters, it could be one.

Last and yet most importantly, hints have been picked up from an investor report made by the company and if they are to be believed, Starbreeze will be taking help from Overkill Studios, the developer of Payday series.

As far as the translation of the Swedish report tells us, Starbreeze has merged Cold Mercury (the former name of their latest project) with a project that Overkill was working on. As a result we now have a new game named Storm and it has been described as “Payday in space.”

Yes, sold.

Moreover, Storm is going to be a cooperative shooter with science fiction elements and it “takes advantage of the design we have created in Payday games.” So what are we looking at, heists involving spaceships, cosmic cops, and space stuff?

I wonder what they plan to rob up there.