Minecraft Marvel Avengers Skin Pack Video Shows off Characters in Full Bloom

Now we do know that Minecraft Marvel Avengers Skin Pack had come out last month, but if you have not tried out any of the superheroes in the sandbox game yet, you will surely like to see them walk about the Minecraft world.

A video was posted to YouTube by GameNewsOfficial, and although it is just a little under a minute in length, it does give away at least five of the Avengers superheroes as playable characters in the game.

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Loki and the Hulk are only some of the characters from the celebrated marvel comics that you will come across in the game. Of course, there are other characters too; in total, you can meet up to 35 Marvel characters in Minecraft Marvel Avengers Skin Pack.

You can’t help but love these blocky superheroes (and villains, of course).

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is now available on Xbox Live Arcade so if any of you do not have it already and want to get it that is where you should head to.