No Micro Transactions for Titanfall, Public Beta may Release Soon

Respawn Entertainment the developers behind Titanfall has not ruled out the public releasing of Titanfall Beta.

The Sherman Oaks, California-based company recently responded to leaked online footage of the alpha version of “Titanfall,” saying that what viewers saw didn’t represent the developer’s finished product.

Respawn Entertainment’s community manager Abbie Heppe said on the Respawn forums on Friday:

I know there is a lot of confusion over this right now. We ARE NOT running a beta at the moment. We’re doing some very limited technical testing. We understand the desire for a beta and we have not ruled it out, but I don’t have any news on it for you currently.

The alpha testing ended on Tuesday and showed a basic, stripped-down version of “Titanfall.” This isn’t a build indicative of final product, which is why we’re asking people to please refrain from posting.

She elaborated on why alpha testing was necessary:

It’s a small bite of the final game cause we’re testing some tech, not gameplay, I feel badly that a lot of sites posted it like anyone could sign up, which is not the case. We certainly don’t want our community to feel left out. That said, I will keep you all posted about anything beta if we decide to do one!

Respawn Entertainment’s first-person shooter “Titanfall” will launch for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in March.